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This next year in Kindergarten your child will learn how to count to 100, learn all upper and lower case letters and sounds, learn how to read and write numbers 1-20 and write complete sentences, as well as read many sight words and books.

Thank you parents for sending your child to school each day with all they need for a great day.  The items students need each day include: their red bag, journals, empty folders, water bottle, snack, and lunch if needed.  We look forward to another year of wonderful new opportunities and learning! 

If you have any questions feel free to contact me by email at ramseyd@hudsonisd.org or by phone at 875-9344, during my conference time from 12:45-1:30pm at Peavy Primary.

Thanks so much for visiting!


More information about Me...

I grew up in Arkansas and taught Kindergarten there for 4 years.  I've also taught 1st grade in Oklahoma and 4th grade at Bonner Elementary.  I have taught Kindergarten for the past two years at Peavy Primary and I will be teaching Kindergarten there again in 2011-12! This will be my 9th year of teaching and I look forward to a great year!

I have two children a son who is 8 1/2 and daughter who is 7. I have been married for 16 years to my wonderful husband, Jimmy! We have lived in Lufkin, TX for 4 1/2years and have meet many new and wonderful friends through Lufkin First Assembly where my husband serves as the youth pastor, special needs organizations, and the schools our children attend!

I am activly involved in the community by serving on the Parks and Recreation Board and Special Needs Organizations such as Changing the Path, East Texas Autism Coalition, and I founded and served on the Board of the East Texas Special Needs Softball Leauge through Lufkin Parks and Recreation. I have a passion to help kids of all ages, needs and genders. I enjoy being a wife, mom, parent of a special needs child, teacher, youth pastor's wife, camp counselor, and softball league organizer and with God's help I am able to pursue all of these endevors.

Just a few reminders:


Our class goes to PE on Monday-Thursday and Music is on Friday. Therefore it is important that you send your child to school in shoes that they can run and play in on the playground and for PE daily. Student's will go to Library on Thursday each week as well.

Please send Lunch money on Monday's if at all possible! Also, please remember to initial your child's journal daily to see their good work and know what we've been working on each day!


Weekly Homework information:

Every Thursday your child will bring home a book for them to read to you as their "homework."  Parents may assist students when needed and please sign or initial the book and return it on Friday and your child will get a prize from the treasure box. 

I encourage your child to write both their first and last names on homework papers and we will be working on this in class as well.

Also, I will send home writing prompt picture pages starting in October and I appreciate your involvement in encouraging your child to write only the sounds they hear in words vs spelling the words for them.  We call this "Kid Writing" and it's important that they try to write words on their own which will help them in the future with necessary independant reading and writing skills. 

However, you may remind them to use a capital letter, spaces between words, and a period at the end of each sentence.  I don't mind if you correct them on these rules and allow them to make these changes on their homework.  I really would just prefer for students to write words on their own and I don't expect to see correct spelling on papers...just sounds they hear in words.  Feel free to write the correct word/words below their writing when they are finished with the sentence if you desire. 

Thanks for being involved with your child this year in reading, writing, homework, and special events!  There will be new photos of special events in Kindergarten on the Album page soon!

Parents, Thank you for realizing how important it is to read with your child daily and work on their sight words! And, Thank you for establishing a good bedtime routine, making sure your child gets plenty of rest each night before school, and breakfast each morning. Just doing these things will make a huge impact on your child's year in Kindergarten. 

We are having another amazing year at Peavy Primary! Don't forget to save those Box Tops!

Thanks so much!


Dear Parent Helpers:  

Parents can make the year very successful by just being involved in their child's school. If you are willing to take home items, come up one day a week to lend a "Helping Hand" with making copies, cutting paper to make books, doing mini lessons with kids in need, and so much more then there is a place for you.  Please contact me either by email, phone or school visit on my conference time which is from 12:45-1:30 to let me know what day of the week you can come and I will get you the work that needs to be done. Thanks in advance for all you participation and help!



Our sight words for the 1st Nine Weeks are: a, am, an, I, my, see, the, we, at, & can.

Please work on these sight words each week! Have your child practice writing them with dry erase boards, chalk, paint, markers, in the sand, or just be creative. There are many ways to make learning fun!

There will be a sight word reading test every two weeks.  I will send home a list of the words your child will be responsible to learn at the appropriate times.