To upload video to School Center......

1.  Create an individual Youtube account using your g-mail login information (similar to what we do in BrainPop and United Streaming) .  You will be led to link your Youtube account to your G-mail account....once you have done this, you will log into Youtube with your regular G-mail login and password.

2.  How to Upload video - from Macbook, Flipcam, pc, cell phone, etc.
Step one - Log into YouTube and select Upload at top of screen
 Step two - Enter information (optional); Change privacy setting to "UNLISTED"; save changes
 Step three - Copy embedded code & paste into 1st box that appears in edit newletter box 
  (not the box we type in)

   Step four - Change to Advanced box (one we type in); click and drag edges of box to change size of video,
  center in box, etc. 

 Step five - Save