Instructional Technology

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Mission of Instructional Technology Department: To support teachers in their quest to seamlessly integrate technology into the curriculum and educational experiences of HISD students, PreK-12.

 GOALS of Instructional Technology Department:

 1. To provide trainings, programs, equipment, and services to teachers, staff,
and students;  .....
2. To promote career and college readiness standards for all students attending HISD;

3. To assist with the acquisition of hardware and software for all students attending HISD;

4. To facilitate the use of Best Practices by all teachers; and

5. To serve as the liaison between the curriculum and technology departments.

Ed Tech and Learning Predictions for 2017-18

#1 – Collaboration Becomes KING; the days of learning in isolation are over as tools like Skype, Today’s Meet, Google Drive and One Drive are being used more in the classrooms

#2 – Learning is More Hands-On; huge growth and interest in maker spaces, “real world” courses like CTE; coding, problem solving and collaboration add to the hands-on emphasis

#3 – Classrooms No Longer Look Like Classroom from the 1900s; gone are desks in rows, flexible furniture can adapt to student needs

#4 – Computational Thinking and Coding Grow; there will be growth in the demand for computer science teachers, as well as in coding initiatives for elementary school students. 

#5 – Students Take Charge; devicesare in the hands of EVERY student; personalized learning, flipped learning, blended learning, and engaging formative and summative assessment tools add up to students being more involved in their educational paths. Instruction is “Student Focused”.